New Delhi: Corsets are back in vogue! Thanks to Netflix’s hit Regency romance show, ‘Bridgeton’, this body-hugging, form-fitting garment is ruling the fashion world and our hearts ever since. You can wear them alone or beneath a shirt or even over a shirt and dress, and you are ready to slay. Corsets go back a long way and were widely worn in the West during the Victorian and Regency era. While they enhanced a woman’s curves, it was rather an uncomfortable piece of clothing. But modern-day corsets are made far comfortable and are stitched out of breathable fabric.  

From Bollywood to Hollywood, actors are wearing the corset and carrying them off with aplomb. Here are some style inspo as to how you can style your corset in a different manner:

Over a dress

Wear a corset over a flowy dress and accentuate your hourglass figure. You can wear it over a maxi dress or even a bodycon dress. You can wear it like a belt over a loose dress that will give your dress a shape. Corset-style belts are in fact a great choice if you are not sure of wearing a full-on corset. 

Over a shirt

Wear a stylish corset top and over a smart button-down shirt. Pair it with leather pants and high heels, and you are all set to rock. Check how Alia Bhatt is rocking the look below.


As a top

You can wear a corset like a fitted top or even a crop top. It can be dressy, or lacy and you can pair it with trousers or skirts. Disha Patni showed us how to ace the look.



Under a blazer

You can wear a corset under a blazer and give it a formal look when you are out for an evening party. It will be smarty, sexy and elegant – all in one.

As a form fitter

That’s what the original purpose of the corset was. Wearing a corset beneath a fitted dress or skirt can flatter your figure and might hide those extra bulges. But make sure to buy ones in comfortable fabric, one that’s not leaving you gasping for breath!


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