Shahab Ali, who gained popularity playing the antagonist in the web show, The Family Man, reveals he has still not signed his next project. With only villainous roles coming his way, the actor fears being typecasted.

“It is really sad that people are approaching me for similar kinds of roles. I just hope that someone sees versatility in me, and offers me a different kind of role. I have done every kind of acting style from realistic to larger than life in theatre,” Ali tells us.

He continues, “People appreciated my role of Sajid in The Family Man, but if I keep doing similar kinds of roles, they will feel that this is all he can do. But the problem is not with me. I want to do different kinds of parts.”

The Delhi-based-actor stresses that he can’t help if no one is offering him the role, or he is not even getting an opportunity to audition for something different. “It is not in my hand. I do not have a godfather in the industry, or anyone to guide me. All I can do is hustle and look for work,” he mentions, revealing that he has waited patiently for something to come his way after the web show, which also stars Manoj Bajpayee.

“I’m still waiting. I don’t have anything in the pipeline right now. I’m hoping something will come because I know it takes time in the industry,” he shares on an optimistic note.

The Delhi-based actor, who sold kites, crackers and even washed bikes before becoming an actor, has certainly come a long way. Ali recently gave his fans a sneak peak into his life and struggle on social media, which garnered a lot of attention.

The actor confesses that getting personal about his journey was not easy at all. “I was scared of sharing things about my background and my family. This was the first time I opened up, thinking that it doesn’t matter if people judge me because of my background. But I never imagined it would go viral. What I am today is because of my tough childhood. I am proud of my journey,” he adds.

Now, Ali’s goal is to buy a new house for his family. “I I feel that I have changed my life, but haven’t been able to change the life of my family. They are still living in the same area, with the same problems. When I come back to Trilokpuri in Delhi, where I live, I feel like nothing has changed here, and feel like I am living a dual life,” he signs off.

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