New Delhi: We are living in a world where content is produced in such large numbers that leave audiences spoilt for choice. But in this clutter of never-ending content, seldom comes a title that catches our attention and leaves us with ample food for thought. Amazon miniTV’s latest ‘Recommended For You’ ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering viewers a compelling watch right from start to end. Here are five reasons why. 

A story that gives constant goosebumps: If you like being kept right at the edge of your seat while watching any thriller, then your search ends here. ‘Recommended For You’ will make you gasp watching every single shot, as it is based on a dark fictional subject that revolves around problems arising from a regular person’s YouTube recommendation list, eventually landing him with unexpected results!

A+ Method Acting: It is a big task to make the audiences skip their heartbeats, especially when it comes to the thriller genre. The artist needs to be a performer par excellence to bring fear in the eyes of the audience and do absolute justice to the director’s vision. Ayush Mehra, the lead actor, seems to be at the very top of his game having played the role of Pranav, absolutely effortlessly. 

Free To Watch: It pains when you need to pay to watch any content. But with Amazon miniTV, one need not worry about this, as Recommended For You, just like all other titles on the service, is available to stream, for absolutely free.

For the gamer inside: The short film has various scenes that will invoke the gamer within you! It shows how games can be a source of an instant adrenaline rush, but over-indulgence and carelessness can land you in some serious trouble.

We don’t want to spoil this title for you by leaking all the information here but do not miss this short film for anything. It can be streamed exclusively on Amazon miniTV for absolutely free.


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