New Delhi: B-Town hottie Malaika Arora has a huge fanbase who are inspired by her svelte figure and fitness regime. She has defied age and how! The yoga enthusiast is successfully running her studio and also never really misses out on her pap-session almost every day. 

In an interview with, Malaika was asked her reaction on being tagged ‘sexy’ all the time. She quipped, “My god, I really held on to that tag! I’m not letting go anytime soon. It’s like, when you bestow somebody a title, or a crown or something, you hang on to it forever. So, I guess, I’ve just hung on to this tag. So, I’ve always said it, I’ve said it back then, I say it now. It sounds repetitive, but I’ve always said that I’d rather be known as a sexy and spicy and all of that, than being known as pheeki (plain) and thandi (bland). I like that and I’ve always been known like that. I’m a very feisty person by nature, so honestly, it’s not a conscious thing. Because I’ve been termed as, you know, ‘oh she’s sexy’ that I’ve to live up to that standard. I do not believe in that. I just feel it’s part and parcel of the person that I am.”

“I mean there are days where I can be just the opposite of being supposedly sexy. 30 days in a month, you don’t particularly feel amazing. In fact, I say 15 days of the month, I’m at my peak and the other 15 days of the month, I’m struggling because all women are going through some hormonal (change) so those 15 days I’m really struggling. Otherwise, I’m good to go.”

Malaika Arora is currently dating Arjun Kapoor and the couple is going strong. 


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