Parliamentarian and actor Ravi Kishan says that more than a profession, acting is his lifeline

Parliamentarian and actor Ravi Kishan says that more than a profession, acting is his lifeline. “After coming into active politics, I was badly missing being in front of the camera as acting is oxygen for me; it is my identity. If an artiste doesn’t get the oxygen of shooting, then he can’t live for long. I am a performer first then anything else,” he says.

On his recent visit to Lucknow, he said, “The fact is that I don’t get time at all due to the Parliament sessions, stay at my constituency Gorakhpur and public service. Wherever I go people ask just one question: Parde par kab aailba (when do we see you on screen)? For my fans I am juggling between everything.”

He has shot for a feature film on Chauri Chaura incident in Gorakhpur which has been filmed for over 50 days and Kishan is next scheduled to shoot for a Telugu film there. Besides, he has shot for two web-series during the pandemic.

Being in active politics he has made his dos and don’ts stricter. “Few things that I have always followed is that no content should be anti-national and does not hurt any religion. Rest whatever I am doing is as an actor not as an individual Ravi Kishan! Like in Shashank Raai’s web series Country Mafia, which is on illegal liquor trade on the UP-Bihar border, I am the one who is helming the trade but then that’s a role I am playing for entertainment and the audience understands that! On the other hand, in the series Matsya Kaand I am an eccentric cop.”

Kishan has more reasons to shoot. “Besides quenching my thirst as an actor, I work because 300 families also earn a livelihood with me. This is the reason I am making a Bhojpuri Film City in my constituency so that it can facilitate shooting. I can act, and simultaneously, serve people too,” he adds.

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