New Delhi: The festival of colours – Holi is here. This year it will be marked on March 18 with Chhoti Holi and Holika Dahan being celebrated a day prior on March 17 respectively. The festival of Holi represents more than just vibrant hues and fun time with family and friends. Holi brings an opportunity to indulge in delightful, mouth-watering, sweet and savoury dishes. 

To give this year’s celebrations a nutritious and innovative twist, here are some flavorful Oats Holi recipes by Quaker. Prepare these easy-to-make delicacies, and celebrate this Holi, the healthy way: 

Quaker Oats Burfi by Institute of Home Economics:


Quaker Oats* (Roasted and Powdered)  – 50g

Sugar (optional) – As per taste

Khoa (Grated and Mashed) – 15g

Ghee (optional) – As per taste

Almonds (Powdered)  – 15g

Cardamom (Powdered) – 1


1. Roast Quaker Oats* powder mildly (optional with Ghee) till it gives aroma. 

2. Add Khoa to the pan and cook for a few minutes on a slow fire with continuous stirring.

3. Add Sugar / sugar syrup (optional / to taste). Cook it again with continuous stirring on a slow fire till the mixture leaves the side of the pan.

4. Remove from the fire and add almond powder and cardamom powder.

5. Spread on a greased thali and allow it to cool.

6. Cut Into Burfi and Serve.

*For Powdered Quaker Oats, Roast Quaker Oats For 2-3 Mins. Cool And Grind in A Mixer.

Quaker Oats Namakparas by Institute of Home Economics


Roasted And Powdered Quaker Oats* – 20g
Refined Flour- 30g
Oil – 5g
Salt To Taste – As per taste


– Add Seasonings and Roasted Quaker Oats* To Maida. Rub In Oil.

– Make A Stiff Dough Using Water.

– Roll The Dough Flat To 1/8” Thickness and Cut into Namakpara Shapes.

– Grease The Baking Tray and Bake Them till Golden Brown.

– Store In Air-tight Jar.

*For Powdered Quaker Oats, Roast Quaker Oats For 2-3 Mins. Cool And Grind in A Mixer.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Holi 2022!


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