In every good and successful relationship, it’s trust that matters the most. While love is definitely important, without trust love can’t survive and relationships will have a short shelf life. Telling lies can cost you of a beautiful relationship and while you may think it’s okay to say some “white lies”, in reality even the smallest of lies can wreak havoc on your relationship. Here are three lies you should never tell your partner:

Lying about your past

For a strong, healthy relationship, it’s important to begin on a clean slate. While you may not want to share all details, it’s important that you don’t lie about your past relationships. It’s better that your partner gets to know of something related to this from you, rather than getting to know in any other way in future. That will lead to a trust deficit and that, in turn, will affect your relationship. 

Lying about your salary

Money talks, literally! And money-related issues can lead to dents in any kind of intimate relationship – be it blood relationships or romantic ones. Lying about salary never helps. Whether you are inflating your income to impress your partner, or portraying before them a wrong picture, this is a kind of deceit that will break trust and impact your relationship. A partner has the right to know about your financial situation, especially in a serious relationship, with long-term goals.

Flirting with others

You may not stop admiring others just because you are committed, but remember, there’s a line! And you can’t cross that line in a healthy relationship. Flirting with your partner’s friend, for instance, is a BIG NO. That’s simply disrespectful. Also, you might be making the third person uncomfortable and giving them complete wrong hints.

Lying about wanting or not wanting kids

When you are in a committed relationship, it’s very important to share with your partner the truth about your feelings when it comes to having children. This can be a dealbreaker if you are not honest and transparent with each other.

Lying about wanting to move cities/countries

In today’s world, people are often moving to different cities or countries for their jobs or for pursuing higher studies. But partners should not lie about their plans and aspirations, just to get into a relationship because sooner or later, this will lead to major issues. You should also be clear whether you are open to long-distance relationships, and if yes, then for how long.

While not everything can be planned from word go and our wishes and ambitions change over the years, be honest and transparent with you partner.

(Disclaimer: The points cited in this article are based on general information. Do contact professional relationship experts. ZEE NEWS does not confirm this.)

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