The classic Jodi No.1 of Bollywood, Govinda and Karisma Kapoor have an illustrious film list to their credit. So, fans got all excited when their recent collab with KFC and the latest ad commercial became viral within minutes of its upload on social platforms. The dumdaar Jodi of Karisma and Govinda has starred in 11 films together, including Hero No. 1,  Raja Babu, Dulaara, Khuddar, Andaz Apna Apna, among others. Talking to Zee News Digital, both Govinda and Karisma opened up on their favourites and much more: 

Q. How excited are you to collab with KFC as Jodi no.1?

Govinda: I feel, half of the world loves eating KFC. Every time that I have gone abroad for work or leisure, my family and I didn’t ever feel the need to visit another restaurant if there was a KFC nearby. It has always been my go-to option, our first choice. Today, I’m happy to have had the chance to collaborate with them – a brand that’s always been my No. 1 option when dining out or ordering in, when at home or travelling. If the world’s choosing KFC consistently, it’s for good reason – and I’m happy to associate with them in their success story.

Karisma: I am very excited about this collab because we grew up eating KFC and I absolutely love biryani. Since we grew up eating both, they’re very familiar and much-loved tastes – and now with them coming together in the Biryani Bucket, it just seems like the perfect food pairing. Also, I think it was wonderful of KFC to get Chi Chi and me in the same frame. It’s a delight to have been cast together to do this fun film. I love Chichi, KFC and Biryani. So, I think it was a triple whammy – absolute icing on the cake!

Q. Your jodi was considered the best dancers. Who do you think fits the bill today?

Govinda: I think today, from the younger crop – Ranveer Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez are both a class apart when it comes to dancing. I think they would make a great Jodi as well.

Q. Are you planning to explore OTT?

Govinda: Yes. Times have definitely changed since we started out, and things have evolved to a point where success is built on OTT platforms today. OTT is a platform for all kinds of artists, and I would really love to explore the OTT space as an actor.

Q. Tell us what did you watch last?

Govinda: I don’t want to give fame to anyone without charging money (laughs). But, I often go back to rewatching films from the 90s and the 2000s.

Q. Who is your favourite from the younger crop?

Govinda: Ranveer Singh is hands down my favourite actor among today’s crop of stars. I feel like he shares the same kind of energy and zest as I do. He’s extremely hard-working.

Q. What’s in your bag?

Karisma: Usually my phone, my charger, lip balm, kajal pencil and some little knick-knacks to eat. Like protein bars and chips. It also has my keys, wallet and oh, my shawl – very important!

Q. Quickies:

a. Fav food – Karisma: Biryani

b. Most fav holiday spot – Karisma: Mumbai

c. Designer wear or pyjamas? – Govinda: My wife decides (laughs); Karisma: Pyjama

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