Tech companies are used to governments cracking down on some of their policies and methods. However, it seems like Microsoft is facing a fight from a group of nuns on some of the company’s policies. According to a report by The Next Web, a congregation of nuns — Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace — have filed a shareholder resolution against Microsoft and wants the company to be accountable for its technology.
The two issues nuns have with Microsoft
The congregation, as per the report, wants Microsoft to ensure that its lobbyists live up to its values and policies on human rights, privacy and racial justice.
Secondly, they want Microsoft to stop selling facial recognition tech to government entities.
In a tweet, the congregation said, “Tech isn’t neutral. We filed a shareholder resolution asking #Microsoft to report on #lobbying alignment. Despite its #racialjustice policies, Microsoft lobbies for bills enabling police surveillance.”
The group has also posted a video on YouTube. One of the prominent campaigners from the congregation is Sister Susan Francois. In the video, she says, ““As shareholders, as tech workers, as campaigners for justice, we can and must hold these companies accountable. New innovation should support human dignity and a fair and just society, not magnify division and discrimination.”
Earlier this year in June, the group of nuns had asked Microsoft to give a report on its lobbying methods. However, now they have asked the company’s shareholders to ensure that the tech giant is held accountable for its policies and principles.

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