Twitter removed the image cropping algorithm for Android and iOS platforms in May this year. This allowed users to view the full images while scrolling through the Twitter feed. The same change was visible while going through any specific Twitter account. Now, the company has rolled out the change for web users as well. This means that people who use Twitter on web browsers will also be able to view full-size images in their feeds and profiles.
The platform informed about the feature through its official support handle. Earlier, users had to tap on the images to view the full picture. The company started to test the feature in March this year after receiving feedback from users that its cropping algorithm is biased.
The company concluded a test to study the disparity in the algorithm. In the tests, Twitter found out that the cropping algorithm was biased towards white people. The findings were shared by the company in a blog post.
“The goal of this was to give people more control over how their images appear while also improving the experience of people seeing the images in their timeline. After getting positive feedback on this experience, we launched this feature to everyone. This update also includes a true preview of the image in the Tweet composer field, so Tweet authors know how their Tweets will look before they publish. This release reduces our dependency on ML for a function that we agree is best performed by people using our products.” wrote Twitter’s Rumman Chowdhury about the new feature.
Twitter is also reportedly working to expand the downvote feature to more users. According to the known tech blogger, Jane Manchun Wong, the company is working on a downvote button for the web after testing it for iOS. The company began the pilot of the feature in July this year. It was only available to limited users on the iOS platform only.

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