TCL has introduced its concept design of a rollable and foldable smartphone during the DTC 2021 technology Congress that was held in China. Android Authority reports that the prototype of this concept smartphone was showcased in the China event and a video of the futuristic and innovative TCL concept smartphone was posted on Twitter. The video captured a fully operational TCL device that reflected the latest standout features.
There is no information about when this device will be available commercially and more importantly if it will ever see the light.
The report added that the graphics of the concept smartphone displayed in the event didn’t seem at par with the new devices that were launched with the foldable and rollable features. Other than the optimisation issues, the foldable and rollable display was also shown in the video. After the screen was unfolded, the left side of the device extended by rolling to transform the smartphone into a full-fledged tablet. The smartphone comes with a standard 6.87-inch display which can be extended to 8.55-inches with the foldable feature and a whopping 10-inches with the rollable feature.
The concept of having a pocket-sized phone that can be extended into a tablet is really impressive, but its durability potential is a question over here as this concept device contains multiple moving parts that can make it fragile and more sensitive to regular wear and tear. The hinges of the stretchable display need to be strengthened enough for the device to be a commercial success. There is no clear information about the key specifications of the TCL concept foldable and rollable phone, although it is expected to sport an OLED display panel with variable refresh rates ranging from 48Hz to 240Hz.
Such devices could come with a high price-tag, especially without a rival to compete with. The cutting-edge TCL concept phone, if it comes to reality, will compete with the likes of some of the early leaders in this field like Samsung.

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