WhatsApp recently expanded the multi-device support beta for its calling and messaging platform. The support expansion allows users to link secondary devices via WhatsApp Web to the primary WhatsApp account that’s running on the smartphone and send or receive messages and calls without the need for the primary device to be connected to the internet.
The feature is still in beta and users who want to test out the feature, will have to join the Multi-Device beta program from within the app. Currently, WhatsApp also offers the option to opt out of the beta program.
WABetaInfo is now reporting that WhatsApp has submitted a new update version through the Google Play Beta Program. According to the report, multi-device support will very soon become a mandatory feature in future updates.
WABetaInfo is reporting that the option to opt out of multi-device support programs has been removed for users in the beta version. That means the feature might go out of beta in future updates and become a permanent feature.
Once the WhatsApp beta version goes live, users won’t have the option to leave the program. This hints that WhatsApp is all prepared to make multi-device support mandatory and likely to roll out to everyone on the platform.
How will this affect the users?
Right now, the feature is in beta and with the option to opt-in and opt-out of the beta program. This means users have their free will at choosing whether they want to enroll into the program or now. However, with the feature being removed, users won’t have the option to leave the program anymore.
Also, users who are already using the feature will be logged out from all the linked devices and will have to login again, according to the WABetaInfo report.
The change seems to be a slow rollout as for us the multi-device option within the app is still visible and we have the option to opt-out of the beta program.

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