Just like last year, Microsoft has launched its ‘ugly’ Windows-themed sweaters once again. This time, it is Minesweeper that has been picked up as the theme and has made it available on the Xbox Gear Shop dedicated to the game.
The sweater costs $74.99 which is $5 more than the previous year’s sweaters. This year’s version carries the whole Minesweeper level at the front in the shape of a Christmas tree, plus mines as snowflakes and “buttons” too that were meant to minimise the game window or quit the game. There is the old Windows logo too if your memory does go that back far as it looks like that of Windows 3.1. 1990 remaining mines refer to the year Minesweeper was launched.
The Microsoft sweaters, even when not much to look at, have sold quite fast. Last year itself, when the company introduced three designs of the sweaters, people showed an interest and lapped them up, leading to the stock getting sold out.
Of the money the tech giant made from the sweater sale, the tech giant donated a portion of it to Girls Who Code. This year, the plan is to donate a lump sum of $100,000 to the AbleGamers charity for gamers with disabilities. If you are interested in the sweater, make your move fast before the stores get emptied of them again.

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