Google has been introducing new features and designs for its apps to match its look and feel with the Android 12 user interface. Now, the company is reportedly working on a new design for the Google app, according to a 9to5Google report.
According to the report, the company is testing a new placement for the search bar in the app. As a part of the new placement, the search bar has been repositioned at the top of Google’s logo in the app.
The new change is a part of the company’s A/B testing program where the pill-shaped search field is placed above the Google logo. The change also includes a different location for the weather and temperature information, which has been moved to the top left and the profile picture is now a part of the top field.
The current changes to the Search app match the rest of the Google apps as a part of Android 12’s design. However, it makes it look a lot different from the previous versions.
9to5Google has also reported that the profile picture now supports swipe gestures to toggle between different Google accounts.
Other things such as search tab result pages remain unchanged, except for a new compact logo and avatar.
As mentioned, the new changes are a part of Google’s A/B testing and only a select Google Accounts will see these changes. We checked on our Android devices and we are currently not seeing the changes.
For those unaware, this isn’t the first time, Google is A/B testing a new design for the Google app. The company has tested a design change where the search bar was repositioned at the bottom of the screen within the app.
Now, it might appear to be out of place at first, but the bottom placement of the search bar was easily accessible.

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