Google has brought some changes to the Chat platform with a new streamlined interface, as per a report by Android Police. The long and the short of the new change is that all the different buttons for the emoji, GIFs, attachment options, new calendar event etc. are all going to get placed under one big “+”. For now, the feature is supposed to be rolled out for the Android and desktop users. Those on iOS could expect the changes to be included in the interface from early next year.
Earlier, Google Chat displayed different icons for sending various types of messages and attachments on the bottom of the message bar. Now, all those options, like Photos, Camera, Meet link, Calendar invitation, Drive and Format have been swept under a single “+” button on the bottom left corner, which gives a tidier look to the chat interface.
There is a chance that you may already have got the changes with a new app update but if you have not, they will arrive soon in a future version. As per the report, the feature was found a short while ago and would be rolled out over the coming two weeks. Google may also be planning to bring some more changes to the Chat to make it more user friendly.

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