Microsoft has announced that it’s changing the Black Screen of Death in Windows 11 to its original name and colour — Blue. The company first changed the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to Black Screen of Death in Windows 11 earlier this year to match the boot and shutdown screen of the operating system.
“We changed the screen color to blue when a device stops working or a stop error occurs as in previous versions of Windows,” reads Microsoft latest patch notes.
However, as per the recent announcement, the company is changing it back to Blue. The reason for this hasn’t been revealed yet. However, considering the Blue Screen of Death is a common phrase related to the operating system when the operating system runs into a problem and is so common among its users the return of Blue colour will provide several users with a relief.
On the contrary, the Black screen mostly referred to an issue with the display in simple terms.
The change is now rolling out with Windows 11 Build 22000.346 to Beta and Release Preview Channels.
For those unaware, the Blue Screen of Death was first featured in Windows 3.0 which was launched in 1990 and till Windows 8 Microsoft never changed anything. In Windows 8, the only thing that the company added is the new sad emoji face, which was a nice touch by the way.

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