Remember the iconic ad of the Japanese premium audio brand Aiwa in the 1990s? Well, it’s back in India with a range of portable speakers, including Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X portable Bluetooth speaker, which looks something straight out of the 70s or 80s.

Looks aside, there is more on offer in this feature-heavy Bluetooth speaker but what I really wanted to see if it’s just about the looks or there’s something more to it. Read the review to find out:

Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X: Build and design

I have been a Marshall fan all my life, and own its Killburn speaker, which has a similar retro appeal. The MI-X 150 resembles Kilburn in every way–be it the three knobs to adjust volume, treble, and bass or the iconic lever to power on the speaker. However, the only difference is the MI-X 150 is bigger, and closer to Marshall’s Acton or Stanmore models in size.

By the looks of it, everything looks premium and retro and the wooden finish makes it look more vintage feel. Not to forget that this speaker looks beautiful with Aiwa branding at the front.

There is a panel on top that has three knobs to control treble, bass, and volume, a lever to power on/off, three buttons to play/pause music or take calls, an AUX-IN, and a USB-C port.

aiwa speaker

Unlike Marshall, you can charge this speaker via a USB-C cable, which is so convenient because you won’t have to carry any extra charger, and can charge the speaker with your phone’s cable. I found it really handy once, when the speaker’s battery was really low, as I could charge it with a portable charger. That said, there’s a battery indicator too, which the previous generation of Marshall lacked.

Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X: Performance

aiwa speaker

It isn’t just about the looks.

This was my reaction when I paired my phone to the speaker and played Khalid’s ‘Silence’ and then ‘Bad Things’ by MGK and Camilla Cabello.

The 40W output is really powerful and there is a quality sound you get. The bass is really smooth and the vocals are crisp. Overall, the speaker is loud and retains sound quality even at a high volume.

Things got more spiced up as I played classic rock and some jazzy numbers. From Led Zeppelin and The Doors to The Weeknd and Marshmello, everything sounds pleasant.

aiwa speaker

And listening to Bollywood and Punjabi music is an equally delightful experience.

Although there are some noteworthy observations as well, to start with, the speaker tends to lose the clarity and maximum volume on some heavy genres.

Moreover, the Bluetooth connection is highly unstable; the disruption starts as soon as you keep your phone back in your pocket or move a few meters away. This was highly irritating and not expected from a premium speaker.

The speaker has a built-in lithium-ion 6000mAh battery that lasts really long, so ideally you won’t have to charge the speaker much.

Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X: Verdict

aiwa speaker

It’s good to see Aiwa back in India, and with a bang!

Priced at Rs 24,990, the Aiwa MI-X 150 Retro Plus X impresses with quality sound and distinct looks. There is this old-world charm and one can’t take eyes off the speaker that easily. Moreover, it goes well with the house decor as well.

AlthoughI would still pick Marshall over Aiwa, I was highly impressed with the MI-X 150 Retro Plus X. From great sound and battery life to retro looks, it brings all and is worthy of consideration if you’re looking for something different.

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