To go into details, my fitness journey began 8 years ago, when I was about 16 and tried out each and every fad diet which ever existed. I would be lying if I said that reaching here was easy. As a child, I used to see my father going to the gym, have huge biceps. I was also heavily influenced by movies like the Terminator, and whenever I was bullied, going to the gym was my ‘me-time’. Soon, negativity came in. In June 2019, my dad died from a heart attack in front of me and things changed forever. I had to grow up and take care of a lot of things.

While I focussed on taking care of things, others’ lives, my own health took a beating. Then the pandemic also came and I became a victim of binge eating. The slightest of things triggered me, and I wouldn’t even get out of bed since I was so anxious and depressed. The weight, too, shot up to 87 kilos! I ran out of breath climbing two flights of stairs. My blatant ignorance of both my physical and mental health had driven me down,I wanted to get my life back now so I started working not just on my body but on my mind as well. Processed my emotions the right way and started taking my steps slowly and steadily. And here I stand during those 2 years I also started building up my knowledge and now I’m a coach as well who not only knows the importance of physical health but mental health as well.

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