A balanced diet is extremely essential to meet the body’s nutritional requirements. But, it is often believed that protein intake can get difficult for vegetarians since there are limited options available. But that is not the case. To help you make the right choices, nutritionist Nancy Dehra recently took to Instagram to share three easily available protein sources that can help when added to one’s daily diet.

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“If you are struggling to increase your protein intake, particularly as a vegetarian, these smart swaps will help you,” she captioned her post.

Protein not only helps increase lean muscle mass, it also reduces body fat while maintaining muscle tissue. It further optimises anabolic hormone levels, increases metabolism, and improves cardiovascular risk profiles.


Whether trying to lose weight, build muscle, or feel satiated all day, protein helps with all these and much more, experts say.

Dehra listed down some easily available sources.

*Mixing grains can help in enhancing protein as well as nutrient content. “My favourite is mixing besan (gram flour)+ whole wheat flour + oat flour,” she said.

*Hemp seeds offer approximately twice the protein offered by similar seeds.

*Greek yoghurt offers twice the protein found in regular curd. Choose wisely.

According to Dehra, it is advisable to go for unflavoured versions for optimum benefits.

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