The diet you follow during your menstrual cycle and even in the days leading up to them, can decide your overall health. Slight discomfort and pain are normal during periods, but healthy eating can ensure you have a comfortable experience and your body gets all the nourishment it deserves.

Taking to Instagram, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal listed the five food items that one must add to their diet during periods; read on.

* Yoghurt, because it is a great source of calcium and protein. It can relax your muscles and reduce premenstrual syndrome. You can have a glass of buttermilk, or a yoghurt bowl, with nuts and fruits.

* Nuts and seeds, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. They can help curb your cravings during periods.

* Have bananas because they are great sources of potassium and contain vitamin B6. It can enhance your mood during periods.

* Hydrate yourself by drinking enough water, coconut water, vegetable juice or even buttermilk. It reduces the risk of headaches caused by dehydration.

* Have lentils; they can reduce painful period cramps, since they are rich in iron and zinc.

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