Doctors in Hyderabad removed as many as 206 kidney stones from a 56-year-old patient after a one-hour keyhole surgery. The patient, a resident of Nalgonda, was suffering from severe pain in the left loin for over six months, which got further aggravated due to rising temperatures in these summer months, doctors said.

At the time of hospital admission, the patient was under certain medication suggested by a local medical practitioner which provided him short-term relief but the pain continued to impact his daily routine and he was unable to perform his duties efficiently, they said.

Dr Poola Naveen Kumar, a senior consultant urologist at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, where the patient underwent the procedure, said that initial investigations and ultrasound scan revealed the presence of multiple left renal calculi (kidney stones on the left side), and the same was reconfirmed with a CT Kub scan.

“The patient was counselled and prepped for a keyhole surgery that lasted for one hour, during which all calculi (stones) were removed, which amounted to 206 in numbers,” he stated, adding that the patient recovered well post-procedure, and was discharged from the hospital on the second day.

The doctor noted that extremely high temperatures during the summer may cause dehydration and result in the formation of kidney stones in people. As a word of caution, doctors recommend people consume more water, and coconut water (if possible), to stay hydrated. It is also important people avoid or reduce travelling under the hot sun, and not consume soda drinks which would further add to dehydration, they said.

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