Fruits are packed with nutrition, and make for an extremely healthy meal, and a snacking option.

They are a rich source of minerals and vitamins and are high in fibre, according to A source of antioxidants, eating low-calorie fruits can help avert risks of diabetes, inflammation, heart issues, etc.

As such, fruits are enjoyed whole, pre-cut, with chaat masala, and even salt or sugar. But is there an ideal way and time to eat fruits to reap maximum nutrients?

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Answering these and some other questions is Niharikka Budhwani, registered dietician, certified diabetes educator, and MD alternative medicine, who took to Instagram to list the things one must avoid when having fruits.


Eating pre-cut fruits

Fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C. This vitamin however is heat labile, and degrades easily when exposed to air. Cutting fruits and eating them later leads to a reduction in this vitamin. Always keep in mind to cut fruits just before eating, she suggested.

Sprinkling chaat masala, salt or sugar

These are not needed by your body, she said. “Adding additional sugar is only going to increase your overall caloric intake, and adding salt will increase your sodium, both of which are not advisable, she added.

Eating fruits with or after meals

This depends upon a person’s individual calorie intake. “But since our meals are rich in carbs, adding fruit with meals is only going to increase the carb and calorie content of that particular meal. You can choose to have fruits in-between meals; or if you want to have it with your meals, cut back on some carbs to accommodate the fruit as long as it fits in your caloric allowance,” she said.

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