Milind Soman is known to be a fitness enthusiast. But even he cannot resist staying away from delicious festival food. Holi celebrations are incomplete without gujjias, and the model recently shared a post dedicated to this festive-favourite golden glazed sweet food.

In the photo, the 56-year-old posed with a gujjia, which is essentially stuffed with coconut, khoya, cashews and raisins, and suji, but can be customised per your liking, too.

The one that Soman ate, for instance, was customised to keep the health in mind. While it is okay to indulge in festive foods — which are mostly sweet — one has to be mindful of how much they eat and what kind of preparation goes into it.

“Finally got the happy Holi gujjias in Kasauli,” he wrote in the caption.

The actor added that he anticipates certain questions from his followers, who know just how big of a health and fitness freak he is.

“For the questions I know I will be asked —

1. How many did I eat? Three.

2. How often do I eat sweets? Every day, or whenever I feel like, made with jaggery and not refined sugar.

3. How much will I need to exercise because I ate these? I don’t exercise to burn calories, I exercise and am active to maintain a good metabolism and good body function.

4. How do I maintain a good metabolism? Exercise 15-20 minutes at home regularly, don’t sit for long periods of time, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, sleep on time and restfully, try to learn positive things from all experiences,” he concluded.

So, if you are craving something sweet, remember these health tips and prioritise your well-being by tweaking your lifestyle.

Are you game?

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