Winter vegetables are a must-have to stay healthy and strengthen the immune system. One such winter superfood is the carrot — a root vegetable that promises several health benefits. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho recently took to Instagram to share why and how one must incorporate carrots in their daily diet for better health.

“Carrots — best consumed whole, chew them, that’s good for your teeth, too. Great for the liver also,” he said.

The best part about carrots is that you can have them raw or even juice them. “But, if you juice them, drink the juice with the fibre. Don’t strain,” recommended Coutinho.

He also shared that cancer patients should always opt for organic and peeled carrots to reduce any chances of infection. “Make a carrot soup,” he said.

In case of diabetes, one shouldn’t go overboard with carrot juice, he warned. “It’s preferable that you eat the whole carrot, or maximum one mug of juice according to how your levels behave,” he said.

How to make carrot juice?

“I love carrot juice, not strained, with some fresh or dried parsley (especially good for breast cancers). Add a drop or two of an extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Build on it by adding beetroot, cucumber, or ginger, garlic, black pepper,” he mentioned.

However, just like everything else, carrot juice should also be consumed in moderation. “Everything in moderation. There is something called toxicity when you over do carrot juice. More doesn’t mean better. If it suits you, have it, if not, don’t,” he said.

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