Kim Kardashian grabbed eyeballs with her Met Gala 2022 outfit when she made an appearance in a Marilyn Monroe dress, for which she reportedly lost 16 lbs (7 kg) in three weeks. While some people were left in awe of her look, some others heavily criticised her for losing weight in an unhealthy way. She had responded saying she had not lost weight through unhealthy means — but looks like there were some side effects.

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Elucidating on the same, the entrepreneur opened up about having a “really painful” psoriasis flare-up, which she said was a result of the weight-loss diet she followed to fit into the exquisite dress, in an interview for Allure. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum revealed she followed a strict no sugar and carb diet for three weeks, and also consumed real meat after being on a plant-based diet for years.

“Psoriasis broke out over my body and I got psoriatic arthritis, so I couldn’t move my hands,” she said. “I had to go to a rheumatologist who put me on a steroid. I was freaking out. I cut out the meat again, and it’s calmed down,” she told the magazine, adding that she had a nutritionist and also a trainer.

“I have never drunk more water in my life. I don’t see the criticism for other people when they lost weight for roles — they are [considered] geniuses for their craft,” she said.


To understand the condition better, we reached out to Dr Ankit Batra Orthopaedic Surgeon at Sharda Hospital, who said that “‘Arthro’ means joint and ‘itis’ means inflammation, so the inflammation of any joint is called arthritis. It could be the knee, the fingers, or the spine also. Osteoarthritis is the most common form followed by other types like rheumatoid, psoriatic, and so on.”

Sharing that the treatment of psoriatic arthritis should be started as early as possible, he told that “the treatment has to be coordinated by a team  — a rheumatologist, primary caretaker, an orthopaedist, and a dermatologist. Usually, the dermatologist takes the lead followed by others.”

What is psoriatic arthritis?

“Psoriatic is inflammatory arthritis that is seen in patients who have psoriasis (a skin disease that causes a rash with itchy, scaly patches, most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp). In most cases, psoriasis occurs before psoriatic arthritis, and around 30 percent of the people who have psoriasis usually develop arthritis. Howsoever, it is rare to see it in people not having psoriasis. It can be peripheral, central, or both,” Dr Batra said.

Explaining the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, Dr Batra said that “stiff painful movement of fingers and toes along with swollen fingers are some of the symptoms. The most common sign in psoriasis is pitting, and nail changes. It is also the most common symptom in psoriatic arthritis . Pits are superficial depressions within the nail plate and are associated with inflammation of the proximal nail matrix.” He added that the extent and severity of joint pain can vary from person to person.


“The reasons are not very clear but many studies propose that it is autoimmune– which is a deficit in the immune system which causes the immune system to attack the joints which cause inflammation,” he said.


Dr Batra also explained that “clinically, it is difficult to diagnose”. It is only after an extensive investigation of a lot of clinical features, factors, and history of the patient altogether, that the diagnosis is done.

“It is a diagnosis of exclusion for many people if psoriasis is not present. Laboratory findings of psoriatic arthritis are non-specific and they are elevated in 40 percent of patients. Not all patients have these lab findings. Changes seen in X-rays and radiographs can be seen in other forms of arthritis too,” he said.

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