It is actually true what experts say about sitting — that it is akin to smoking. Sitting for long hours can take away years from your life and cause many health issues. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made work-from-home a reality for many people around the world, restricting them to their chairs where they spend long hours staring at their computer screens.

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal says sitting for too long and not being physically active can deteriorate your health. The side effects include heart issues, like arteries getting blocked which can increase the risk of heart diseases; it can also affect your respiratory system by reducing the lung capacity.

Sitting for too long without getting up can also make you susceptible to obesity, says Agarwal, adding that the fat accumulated around the abdomen can lead to abnormal levels of cholesterol. It can also affect your bone health, causing joint pain, lower back and neck pain.

She warns that not moving around can impact the mental health, too, leading to lack of motivation, problem concentrating and anxiety.

How to break this cycle?

In the caption, Agarwal explains that it is important to “move [around] after every 2 hours of sitting, despite how important your work is”. “Nothing is more important than health and well-being,” she writes.

She says in the accompanying video to go for a walk for at least 15 minutes. You can get up and fill your bottle of water. Remember to keep your back and spine straight, she concludes.

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