Many women experience nausea, bloating, cramps and pain during their period. While there are many remedies for the same, experts advise to understand the body and identify the root cause to treat it efficiently.

Dr Varalakshmi Yanamandra recently took to Instagram and explained in detail about period pain as per Ayurveda, and also shared some handy tips to manage it.

“The menstrual phase, as per Ayurveda, is a vata dominant phase. Vata is the one that moves downward and is responsible for free flow of menstrual blood. When we do strenuous activities, it can aggravate vata and lead to pain and bleeding problems,” the Ayurvedic expert said in a post on Instagram.


According to Dr Varalakshmi, it is also important to maintain a routine and do exercises that suit the body at different phases of the monthly cycle. “If you suffer from PMS symptoms like heavy bleeding, headaches, and stress, then strenuous exercises like HIIT, and late nights during the luteal phase are the most common reason,” she shared.

Signs of a healthy period, as per Ayurveda

*Bright red in colour
*No staining
*No foul odour

Light exercise during your periods may help you find relief but not too much. (Source: Pexels)

Tips that can help manage pain

*Reduce physical strain during luteal phase and period.
*Ensure you have good bowel movement.
*Sip warm water through the day.
*Make small turmeric balls with water (pea size) and have them on empty stomach on first day of period till third day.
*Take rest and eat simple food like rice congee, soups, and sautéed vegetables.

She also recommended seeking treatment if case of extreme symptoms. “These are some of the best ways to manage period pain but sometimes you need help from a practitioner who can help to bring balance back,” she said.

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