Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for overall well-being. But some people may struggle to sleep well — and the reasons can be many. While one way to relax yourself before bed is to stay away from electronic gadgets, but there is also a yoga pose that can help.

Yoga practitioner and fitness influencer Juhi Kapoor shared a few tips that will come in handy if you are struggling to catch some shuteye.

According to her, the butterfly position can help a great deal. “When you place your legs in the butterfly position, it gives a soothing effect to your whole body. This posture allows you to release any tension stored in different areas of your body,” said Kapoor.

How to do the butterfly pose:

*Sit with your spine erect and legs spread straight out.
*Then slowly bend your knees and bring your feet towards the pelvis. Flap them.

Following this, you can give your feet a gentle massage.

“Massaging the soles of your feet while in the butterfly legs position is the best form of self care. It allows you to feel relaxed and sleep better,” she said.

How to massage:

*Sit in a butterfly position.
*Find spots that tend to pain or ache, and massage the soles of your feet with your hands.
*You can also use your elbows if you want to go deeper into your tissues.

“For deep sleep, applying oil or ghee while massaging the sole of your feet is considered to be a powerful practice according to Ayurveda,” Kapoor mentioned. You can then cover your feet with socks, as warm feet help to sleep faster and deeper.

When to practice?

Do this as part of your daily night ritual to sleep like a baby every and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. According to Kapoor, not just sleep, massaging the soles of your feet helps one to “improve forward bend yoga asana”.

What to keep in mind?

But, wearing socks while sleeping can increase the risk of poor hygiene, warned Kapoor. “If your socks are too light, not clean or made of unbreathable fabric, it increases your chances of infection and odour. Choose socks that are made of cotton or bamboo and ensure you wear a fresh pair before going to bed,” she suggested.

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