Movie halls and public venues have been largely closed or restricted since the start of the pandemic, considering the many risks that entail with crowding and spread of the disease. While COVID cases have certainly ebbed, and many vaccinated, there’s a lower than ever risk of transmission and virus spread.

Having said that, it’s also been scientifically proven that outdoor settings are much more safer to go to than any indoor setting, when we consider COVID-19 risks. Indoor spaces, such as a movie hall can be badly packed, filled with many movie goers, attendants and staff and there can be a risk of poor ventilation as well, which would mean that even if an infected person does cough or sneeze, the respiratory droplets could linger and stay suspended in the air, or onto surfaces for long. Thus, while there are definite risk factors in play, the only way theatres can become safer is by practices of frequent disinfection, proper diligence of protocols and awareness. Provided there’s no crowding, enough people vaccinated and all other COVID protocols being meticulously followed, the relative risks of COVID inside the movie halls can be low. What would eventually matter is the prevalence risk of COVID in that confined space and the community.

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