With the emergence of COVID’s Omicron variant, health officials around the world have raised concerns and urge people to stay vigilant and get their coronavirus vaccinations on time.

Additionally, this has stirred conversations around the need for vaccine boosters, especially for those who received their vaccine doses during the first leg of vaccine roll out. While in some countries like the US and Israel, vaccine boosters are being administered in full swing, India is yet to consider authorizing the same in the country, since they believe many developed natural immunity during the second wave and that two doses of COVID vaccine provide enough protection.

However, many still argue that immunity from vaccines wanes over time. Those who have pre-existing health conditions, possess a weak immune system, continue to be at great risk. In addition, new variants continue to add to our woes and worsen the situation, which is why, if ever India decides on administering booster shots, it is important for us to know whether it will become an annual affair just like the flu vaccine.

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